Oh hey, there 30th birthday

I never post personal stuff here on my blog. I’m not sure people really want to read about my personal life because who wants to do that when you can just look at pictures of cute babies or gorgeous mamas-to-be?? But I turned the big 3-0 on February 3rd and so many people have asked how I planned to celebrate. So, froze this moment in time with photos! Although I hate being in front of the camera and I know I’m awkward with my long limbs but I really adore the way Kimberly captured me. Nothing is going to change my nose or my inherited dark circles under my eyes so I have to accept it and move on. The great thing about getting older is not caring as much about the small stuff. It’s the gift that age gives us. So, I will treasure these photos of myself with my dog, Boomer, for many years (my love had to work so he wasn’t involved). I’m excited to welcome my 30th year of life with my love, my family, and friends. Here’s to another happy, healthy 30 years 🙂


Huge thank you to Kimberly of KMitiska Photography and Nicole of Pretty Bride Shop for making me look gooood. 🙂


photographer_Denver005 photographer_Denver006

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