Family photos

Questions I get often and some tips -

What do I wear?

I love when families wear different outfits. Don't be afraid of some color, patterns, and textures. Try to avoid characters on clothing or graphic tees. I'm always available to help choose outfits.

Best time to shoot

I love love shooting at golden hour (an hourish before sunset). That makes for the pretty glowy photos. I know that's tough timing for babies but naps, snacks, and early dinners help. I swear, it's worth it.

A few tips -

• Kids will be kids, try not to yell at them during the session. Red faces and tears are not the look we are going for. All else fails, throw them in the air.

• Make sure you dress them weather appropriate. Once they are too cold we have lost them.

• If your child is wearing a dress please put on little bloomers are shorts underneath.

• In between moments are so sweet. Let those happen. Kiss, snuggle, play. Worry less about getting them to look at the camera and just smile. And bubbles always help.

Boulder family photographer