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6 month baby photos – kennady

6 month babies are too so dang cute. I love capturing their happy 6 month old selves. They are chunky, and smiley, and so happy. Kennady is about to be a big sister and I can’t wait to see what

Boulder family photographer

NCAR 6 month milestone photos

It had been YEARS since I shot here and I felt like a rediscovered a really great spot for family photos or maternity. So, we decided on NCAR in Boulder for Hannah’s 6 month photos. It was a

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Evelyn :: fruit bath photos

Ohhh my gosh, how cute is this little babe?? We did some fruit bath photos with Evelyn because, well, why wouldn’t you? One of the cutest trends in the past couple of years, I think. So, we did

Cooper’s 3 month photos

Okay, so maybe 3 month photos are starting to grow on me. Cooper was so cute and so full of adorable little looks and smirks. The light at Matthews Winters was amazing that evening as well. I get

Audrey’s first birthday photos

Audrey’s first birthday photos – I documented when she was still in her mama’s belly, her newborn, her 6 months and now her first birthday. I love documenting all the milestones

first birthday, one year old

First birthday :: Hanley is one!

The best way to celebrate your first birthday – a cake, a giant balloon, and bubbles. He wouldn’t let go of the balloon for a lot of the session. It was pretty cute. Can we talk about how

Moorea 1 year photos

Moorea turned one awhile ago. I’m slow with blogging but here’s her 1 year photos. Her mama brought the teepee for us to use. I loved it. We met at Matthews Winters Park to capture her

Auggie 9 month fruit bath

So these are almost a year late but better late than never, right? Right. August turned 9 months and mom wanted to celebrate the occasion. I suggest we do a fruit bath, it’s been the cutest

Denver baby photographer

Margot :: 6 month photos

This little babe turned 6 months and so we captured her sweet little face. She’s so smiley and happy. These are my favorite baby photos – just a diaper. Let the rolls hang out.

Brock 6 month photos :: Denver baby photographer

Brock turned 6 months so we did some in home family photos to commemorate the occasion. I love having them in just diapers to show off the chub they gain in only 6 months. It’s just so

Denver family photographer

Dylan :: 1 year photos

This little man turned 1 a couple months ago. Since it was January in Denver we did an in home session. It helps that they have amazing natural light in their home. Dylan was crawling all over the

Ayla is 3 months old! :: Denver family photographer

Matthews Winters was pretty magical this particular evening. You can see the fall colors were just starting and we were there to capture Ayla at 3 months. She is smiley and sweet and so so cute. It

6 month baby photos Denver

Harper at 6 months :: Denver family photographer

This is one of my favorite 6 month sessions. Harper is so adorable with those blue eyes and big smiles. This is why I love in home sessions. How perfect is this family’s home? Give me all the

Mona at 8 months :: Denver baby photographer

I know it’s trendy but come on, how cute? Fruit bath photos are kind of my favorite now. And to think that the strawberries were a $2 impulse and a just in case purchase. Anyone else have a

Aaron’s 1 year photos :: Denver baby photographer

Aaron turned one so him mama contacted me to take some adorable photos to celebrate and freeze this moment in time. You guys, more people need to dress their babies in suspenders. How cute is he??

Ezra is 7 months! :: Denver family photographer

Ezra turned 7 months and we had to get photos of his cuteness. That smile, his blue eyes, his baby bird hair. He’s just too cute. City Park’s trees were perfectly yellow for the shoot,

Liam is 6 months! :: Denver family photographer

I have been photographing this family since Owen, the oldest brother, was in his mama’s belly. Now, they have two boys and they are so much fun to photograph. It’s really fun to watch my

Audrey is 6 months!

Audrey turned 6 months and each time I am reminded how quickly time passes. I mean it felt like I had JUST taken her newborn photos. So, she’s 6 months and so smiley and sweet and Finn, the

Max is 6 months!

The trees were in full bloom and it’s my favorite time of the year to photograph families. The pink flowers add a magical touch to sessions. I wish they hung around Denver longer. I am excited

Spring Family photos :: Denver family photographer

Spring is right around the corner and I am so excited. I can’t wait for everything to be GREEN again. These images for the Faulkner’s really make me long for it. It’s probably my

Warren’s 6 month photos :: Denver baby photographer

When it’s cold outside and we can’t go to the park to capture the milestones then we do the session in your home. I love in home sessions. They are personal, one of a kind, and intimate.

Faya’s 6 month photos :: Denver baby photographer

They grow so fast. 6 months later and she’s a totally different baby. The rolls on her arms and legs just kill me.   Denver baby photographer

6 month baby photos

Ellery is 6 months!  She is also so chunky and sweet. I haven’t seen her since her newborn photos and she has become a strawberry blonde cutie pie. She loves her Octopus, Ocho, she thinks her

6 month baby photography

Victoria is 6 months! We chose the perfect day to shoot outside. It’s always hit or miss when it’s teetering between Winter/Spring here in Colorado. It was a gorgeous, warm day to

Piper is one! :: Denver family photographer

Meet Piper and her mom and dad. Lindsay, her mama, contacted me to commemorate Piper’s first birthday. She is sassy and independent and sweet and so cute. How awesome is her little Kiss shirt?

Baker :: 6 month baby photographer

Baker is 6 months! He is huge and so cute. He’s the perfect meld of his mom and dad. It’s so amazing to see how he’s grown and changed in just 6 months. I love capturing their

Madeline is TWO!

Madeline’s check list for the shoot goes something like this:   party dress – check running shoes – check mini mouse – yup, got her sassy yet sweet attitude – CHECK

Atlas is one!

Atlas is one! and SO cute! I love chubby baby thighs. I can’t get over how adorable they are. I’m also a big fan of the custom outfits his mama bought for the shoot. The balloons on the

Oliver is 1!

This family is one of my favorites (I might have a lot of those but let’s move past that one). Katie knows how to style her guys and herself. She asks me what I think but I always LOVE what she

Owen is 6 months old! :: Broomfield baby photographer

Owen was adorable as a newborn but now that he’s 6 months he’s just SO CUTE. And chunky! I love his rolls 🙂 I can’t wait to see how big and cute he is at 1 year.  

baby photographer denver

This makes me smile…

…just a boy with his bear and fire truck. 🙂

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Owen’s newborn photos :: Broomfield newborn photography

Lindsay + Mike’s baby boy was welcomed into the world this fall. What an adorable little guy! He slept so well during our session (once we got him to sleep, that is). I love his colorful

Happy 1st Birthday, little man!

I can’t believe my favorite little man is 1 year already! He’s been my favorite model since he was in his mama’s belly. I love watching him grow and change, not just physically but

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