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Margot :: Denver newborn photographer

This little babe. Do you see all of that hair? I love love love babies with tons of hair. Anyway, this is Margot and she’s got the cutest pink complexion and the daintiest little lips. The

Ayla :: Denver newborn photographer

I guess since we did her 3 month photos last night I should maybe get her newborn images up. This sweet girl’s mama bought her all these cute bows for her newborn session then decided she could

Vera Newborn :: Denver newborn photographer

A couple of years ago I did Vera’s big brother’s newborn photos. I was so excited to hear he was getting a little sister. Gus is such a sweet big brother and did a pretty good job of

Virginia :: Denver Newborn Photographer

I have known Charlie since middle school. We became close after college and I lived with him for a year after moving to Colorado. When he said he was having a baby I was SO EXCITED. I was going to

Baby Phillip :: Denver newborn photographer

This little man was so perfect for his session. He slept the whole time and cooperated so well for most of his poses. I just love his chubby cheeks and his sweet little face. And how cute is his

Gemma :: Denver newborn photographer

Ah, she’s so cute. I took way too many photos of baby Gemma but she was just so perfect for her session. I love when a baby cooperates. We did a mixture of posed newborn photos and lifestyle. I

Olivia :: Denver newborn photography

Again, this is why I love doing photos in your homes – it’s so much more personal.  I love the soft colors of Olivia’s nursery and how mom and dad match the room. It’s all so

Henry :: Denver Newborn photographer

I loooove when babies are born with a full head of hair. It doesn’t happen very often, so I love when I see it. This little man was super happy to be wrapped up. And how cute are his chubby

Dylan :: Denver newborn photographer

This little man was the best case scenario – he slept like a champ and for awhile. I wish all babies were just like him. 🙂 Denver newborn photographer  

Dominic :: Denver newborn photographer

Dominic is here! And he has the quintessential newborn baby hair. The little peak of hair on the top of his head is so cute. His older brother, Sebastian, is obviously a huge fan. He was so gentle

Caleb’s newborn photos :: Denver newborn photographer

Caleb. He’s a perfect little man. He was hard to get to sleep at first but they don’t call me a baby whisperer for nothing 😉 Welcome to the world, Caleb! Excited to see you at 6

Reagan’s newborn photos :: Denver newborn photographer

This little cutie was 10lbs at birth. It’s always fun to hold a big baby, it doesn’t happen too often. Gives me more of a work out on my noodle arms 😉 So, here’s Reagan in all of

Arthur’s newborn photos :: Denver newborn photographer

From maternity photos and now some newborn photos…Arthur is here and his big sister is excited. I was so sweet to see how gentle and adoring Lyla is. Welcome to the world, Arthur! I think your

Ezra’s newborn photos :: Denver newborn photography

Ezra and his blonde perfect little self was such a good sleeper. Harriet the dog was an amazing model as well. Your pets are a huge reason why I like to come to your home. Also, do you see his mural

Benji :: Denver Newborn Photographer

Benji. He fought sleep for a bit but I wrapped him up and the faces he made as he fell asleep were priceless. I can’t get enough of his little yawns. Denver newborn photographer  

Micah’s newborn photos :: Denver newborn photographer

Micah is 1 of 4. 3 older siblings to love on him and boy do they. It was so cute to watch each older child have their turn to be sweet and kiss on him. Welcome to the world, Micah! You are so loved.

Audrey’s newborn photos :: Denver newborn photography

Audrey is newborn perfection. All of her dark hair and her long lashes. And she slept like a champ. Her mama wore polka dots for part of her maternity session so the onesie Audrey wore was perfect.

Kinley’s newborn photos:: Denver Newborn Photographer

Ah, this baby girl….she’s adorable. There are 2 different things about this shoot. The first is the cat that laid next to Kinley and looked right at the camera. SO CUTE! #2 I tried a pink

Vivian :: Denver newborn photos

This little girl came out with blonde hair on top and brown on the sides. I’ve never seen anything like it and it’s the coolest thing ever! Ombre hair. She’s already so hip

Baby Nicholas :: Denver newborn photographer

Every baby is different. I love deciding who the baby looks like most. I love seeing if they have extremely long fingers, lots of hair, no hair, color of hair, eye lashes, big feet, and their little

George :: Castle Pines newborn photographer

Ah I love this family! I meet them back in October for family photos and Kelly wasn’t even showing. Now, here’s baby George to round out her little gang of cuties. I can’t get over

Chloe :: denver newborn photos

This baby was so sweet. And her big brother, Allister, was so protective of little Chloe. It was so cute to watch. He was so cooperative with the sibling photos and they are some of my absolute

Aveline’s newborn photos :: Castle Rock newborn photographer

Katie + Rob have been coming to me to photograph them for about 3 years now. They were pregnant with their first baby, Oliver, when I met them. Now they have baby #2. World, meet

Rebekkah :: Denver newborn photographer

This sweet girl was a such a tiny peanut that slept so well for our session. She made my job easy 😉

Zoe’s newborn session :: Denver newborn photographer

Zoe. What a sweet little face. I can’t wait to watch her grow this year. (And no, that isn’t a bruise it’s a Mongolian spot. You learn something new everyday). 😉  

Chase :: Denver newborn photography

Chubby cheeks, full head of hair, milk bubble, and rolls. What more could you want with a newborn session? Chase is so perfect and so adorable.      

Bradley newborn photos :: Denver Newborn Photographer

This little guy is so perfect. He slept the entire time and was so easy to work with. I love all of that dark hair and he is so tiny-tiny. Ah, I love little ones.  

Ocean :: Denver newborn photography

This little guy has the most amazing lips and chubby cheeks. And they keep getting chubbier and he just keeps getting cuter. I get to see him now and then because his parents are friends of ours. 🙂

Denver newborn photographer

Lyla :: Denver newborn photography

Welcome to the world, Lyla! You have the sweetest little face and I’m so glad I was able to photograph it. I might love these photos almost as much as your parents (who are over the moon in

Taylor :: Denver Newborn Photographer

I shot Lindsey + Colter’s wedding a couple years ago and now they are parents.   Meet Taylor. You can tell that she is already a daddy’s girl and Lindsey is smitten by her baby girl.

Amaya :: Denver Newborn Photographer

Amaya is here and so adorable. That hair is just amazing, isn’t it? I don’t get too many newborns with just thick and dark hair. I’m finally getting more baby girls which makes me

Kennedy :: Denver newborn photographer

Meet little miss Kennedy. She is half Eritrean and half Irish and completely adorable. The faces she made the during her session cracked me up and her tongue was sticking out 90% of the time. I just

Leila :: Denver newborn photographer

Amy and Eric had a baby girl! I traveled to Amy and Eric’s house in Wheat Ridge to meet little Leila. World meet Leila. She’s so sweet and cute. Congrats you two!!